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Online Pharmacies

We always work hard at getting the best products for the best price. It is becoming the new normal to have your pet's products delivered to your door. We decided it would be best to offer our top three online pharmacies. *Please note if you have never used one of these stores you will need to create a new login.

Let us explain further here:
1. Our preferred option is for you to utilize MyVetStoreOnline for all your basic needs.
2. For pets needing more specialized & compounded medications, we would recommend using our Covetrus store (previously known as Vets First Choice)
3. Lastly, for all owners wanting to purchase their dog & cat Purina foods, please use Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct
*Be sure to use our clinic code: D9YJB for all the best discounts.

We understand life is expensive & you may choose to use another online pharmacy. If you still decide to use another online pharmacy we respect that. We prioritize our patients in the clinic, clients that are using our online pharmacies , & then we process the other pharmacy requests so please allow for a longer approval time.
Let us share with you a few reasons why it's so important to use ours:
1. You are directly supporting our clinic & team
2. Products come from a trusted resource
3. Access to the same in clinic deals
4. Quicker Refill times
5. We know your pet & can be a great advocate for you if any issues arise. Once you've purchased that first prescription please use our FREE app for when you need a refill.

Rx Request Steps:
1️⃣Open your app
2️⃣Click on the bag with the + sign
3️⃣Tap the + in lower right hand corner
4️⃣Tap Pick Up or Delivery
**If you select Delivery you will be redirected to MyVetStoreOnline, & products will be mailed directly to your home
5️⃣Take a 📸 of your bottle & fill in the blanks
6️⃣Tap "Request Order" at the bottom. Don't run out of your pet's medication or food EVER again, by utilizing the auto ship feature. Or you can create your own reminders of when to order or give the medication through our FREE app!

Custom Reminder Steps:
1️⃣Open your app
2️⃣Click on the paw
3️⃣Tap the pet name you wish to put the reminder in for
4️⃣Tap the + in the lower right hand corner
5️⃣Tap the "Add Reminder", Enter in the details, & SAVE. If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to reach out to us through app chat or via text 515-993-4707!

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