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Is This Little Creature a Dog or a Shark!!???

DENTAL CASE: Meet Minnie! She was found to have retained deciduous teeth, meaning that she had both the adult and the baby teeth present. This is a relatively common occurrence for canine teeth in small breed dogs.

Left in place, this abnormality leads to malocclusions (needing braces!!) and lots of tartar build up between the teeth that are practically overlapping.

Often this problem is addressed at the time of a spay or neuter surgery, but since Minnie was from a rescue she had already been spayed.

Thanks to the thorough exam she received and excellent parents, Minnie came in to have her extra teeth removed which will help keep her mouth healthy.

Performing extractions on a 5 pound dog can be a bit daunting, but Minnie came through with flying colors and we certainly hope she enjoys a visit from the tooth fairy!!!

The photo above of her in the kennel is just minutes after her procedure! She was a rockstar! We have also included before and after images of her mouth and what is under her pillow!

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