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Elizabeth Holland - Adel Veterinary Clinic

We are proud to bring you an interview with Veterinarian Elizabeth Holland the new owner of the Adel Veterinary Clinic on Highway 6.

Exciting changes are coming to Adel in the form of revitalization and growth.

The downtown square is being restored with an eye towards heritage, new businesses are taking place of old, and longstanding businesses are handing over the keys to a new generation of shopkeepers.

At the Adel Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Pat Rohret has sold the practice after 40 years to protégé Dr. Elizabeth Holland.

Holland has worked for the Adel Vet Clinic since 2008 following her graduation from Iowa State University where she was named the top graduate in small animal medicine.

Elizabeth was drawn to the Adel Veterinary Clinic, like most of its clientele, because Dr. Rohret kept up-to-date with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine. As all of his clients will agree, Pat stood out as a great animal doctor with a keen interest in expanding services and experiences for pets and their families. Dr. Holland is proud to continue these traditions as the clinic moves forward.

"Most everything will stay the same because the practice was great already.
At this point, I converted the doctors' office to a comfort room for acupuncture and a place to practice euthanasia in a more comfortable setting. It's a much homier feel that people and pets have appreciated. For those difficult endings it's nice because it helps the transition to be more peaceful."

The staff of the Adel Veterinary clinic will also stay the same thanks to Elizabeth's dedication to a positive work environment.


"I certainly feel a large sense of responsibility to my employees and that comes with pride to provide them with a productive and positive work environment. We want to provide them and their families with a place that they enjoy.

It has been more of a responsibility than I expected, in a very positive way. I take that responsibility very seriously. Before, I always thought about the pets and clients, but now providing a positive, rewarding and fulfilling work environment for our staff is important because we have an amazing staff.

I had polled some clients and I was overwhelmed how much our staff means to our clients. I am so grateful that they have all stayed and are excited about the transition, and they are looking for more ways to serve our patients and our clients. It's pretty exciting."

In addition to cosmetic changes, Elizabeth and the staff are excited to get more involved with community outreach opportunities starting with their participation in the Adel Sweet Corn Festival Parade- a first for the clinic.


The biggest concern shared by clients, staff, and community members alike can be put to rest. Elizabeth stated with a joyful smile and laugh that she has every intention of keeping the sign along Highway 6 with its trademark weekly puzzles. These puzzles consist of three simple words or phrases that have something in common. The answer is then posted at the end of the week.

The sign has been a talking point within the community for years, and news of the changing ownership sent shockwaves through many. The puzzle side was an appreciated anxiety point for Holland. The sign has served as a welcome board for so many who travel to, from, and through Adel that Elizabeth never thought of changing it when purchasing the clinic.

She and her husband took the responsibility of continuing the tradition by spending a weekend coming up with dozens of puzzles to fill the sign for the next year. Dr. Holland encourages suggestions for the other side of the sign to help promote Adel community events and happenings.

Clients can rest assured that the exceptional care and services the Adel Veterinary Clinic has been known for will remain and continue to expand under Holland's direction.

Along with Dr. Scott Beeman's expertise in exotic species and their shared wealth of knowledge in small animal species, the clinic will cater to family pets of all kinds using a variety of techniques and modalities.

Services include annual examinations, vaccinations, dentistry, lab procedures, pain management, an onsite pharmacy, five-star boarding, hospitalization, and pet surgery services.

One of the most important notes the veterinarians at the clinic can provide is to encourage pet owners to commit to annual examinations. One year in the life of a pet can seem like a decade, and so much can change between visits.

Examinations at the Adel Vet Clinic are dynamic and complete, hoping to bridge the gap between nonverbal pet and mindful owner. Doctors Holland and Beeman both believe strongly in educating clients during this process, providing as much information as they can to help clients aid in the wellness and livelihood of their pets. Many clients leave the examination stating they wish their doctor was as thorough!

Dr. Holland is a certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA), having received her training through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS).

"I received my training and certification in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2010 with the help and encouragement of Dr. Rohret as a way to expand what we can provide to pets. I still believe and practice Western medicine; this is just another way to expand our abilities to help in cases where there aren't as many options.

I find the most amazing results are in older patients with arthritis and pain; when either the medicines don't seem to help or the people are interested in alternatives that are maybe a little bit safer."

Acupuncture is an ancient technique where very fine needles are placed in specific points in the body to help decrease pain, heal injuries, stimulate the immune system and decrease anxiety. This technique has been shown to increase blood and lymphatic flow to tissues, stimulate nerve function and increase the release of natural pain relieving chemicals.

"I feel acupuncture treatments allow the body to help heal its self without the side effects medicines can cause such as drinking and urinating too much or liver damage over time. If the pet has some underlying problem going on that we don't want to use medications, it is a safe and effective alternative. It can also be used in combination with traditional treatments.

It can be used to treat many conditions: urinary incontinency, pain, seizures, allergies, constipation, vomiting, not eating- it's pretty amazing. The fact that Dr. Rorhet was open to the practice and helped me get my training speaks volumes in my mind about how he was always trying to serve all his clients and patients."

Elizabeth, her husband, and three sons live in Adel near Kinnick-Feller Park and have found home in living the small town life in Adel.

"It's what I've always dreamed of. I was raised in a town where I walked to elementary school and my dad owned a dentist practice down the street. It's something I had always pictured for myself.

The best things about Adel include being able to walk downtown, to school, to the parks; the friendliness of people, in recognizing clients and friends on the street, the good schools and the good library, a downtown that is growing and revitalizing... that is all very exciting for me. "

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