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Cozy Cat Hotel

Our cat boarding facility was designed and built with cats in mind. We are enthusiastic about cats, having achieved “Cat Friendly Practice” Gold status through the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider boarding your cat at Adel Veterinary Clinic:

1- Cats only! Our feline guests are in a room all to themselves. Located near our veterinarians office and separated from the dog boarding facility, they get lots of attention but avoid the loud barking and visual stimuli of co-boarding.

2- We take all their senses into account. Through the use of special music, calming paint colors, feline pheromones, providing spots for hiding and low odor cleaning protocols, we do everything we can to focus on how a cat would experience our facility and maximize their comfort.

3- Medical expertise. What better place to be than a vet clinic!? Cats are quite prone to stress-induced illness so having a caring and knowledgeable veterinary staff watching all habits (eating/drinking/pooping/peeing) carefully is the best way to prevent your furry friend from getting sick while you are away. Additionally, we are well equipped to administer medications of all kinds as well as specialized diets.

4- Specialized cat condos. Our new state-of-the-art cat condos offer the cats flexibility and comfort. Cats like to perch high, want the option to hide, and may like the opportunity to board with housemates. Our cat condos are highly adaptable in terms of size allowing one cat to use up to 4 condos during a stay if vacancy allows. Each condo has removable shelves and portholes to allow for adjustments. Additionally, the cat has the opportunity to either see out or hide, depending on their mood.

5- Take a tour! We welcome you anytime during business hours to come see for yourself!

While boarding service for cats isn’t necessary in high demand, we are committed to offering first-rate care for all of our patients and providing a home away from home that is second-to-none!

If you have questions about our cat boarding, please call us at 993-4707.

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