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Celebrating our Veterinary Team!

By Dr. Elizabeth Holland

This week we celebrated our clinic team. From our staff on the literal “front line” to our first rate kennel crew, we have an amazing team. You wouldn’t believe the questions that arise on the phone, the messes they clean up (or wear!), the long hours, the emotional toll and frankly, the level of responsibility that gets placed on each team member. Among the skills required by nearly every person in the building are groomer, pharmacist, physical therapist, radiology technician, first responder, janitor, educator, dental hygienist, phlebotomist, anesthesiologist, advocate, midwife, chew toy, nutritionist, behaviorist, wrangler and therapist- just off the top of my head! They cheer each other up, keep the doctors on task and on time and they are a voice for those who can’t talk, our beloved patients. They fall in love, they snuggle, they worry, they grieve. This profession can chew you up if you let it and by some miracle, we have a team that keeps coming back for more. I am so proud and so overwhelmingly grateful.

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