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Puppy 101

It’s fair to say that we see a lot of puppies.  A LOT!  It’s also fair to say it’s one of the best parts of our job.  However, I would wager that most members of the Adel Veterinary Clinic team (me included!) would say we also often enjoy sending them home!  :-)

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A Final Resting Place (5/5)

Holden was named after Holden Village, a retreat in the North Cascade mountains of Washington State where I have visited many times with my family. It is a place that brings me peace, that spot I go when I close my eyes searching for my “center” when life is a struggle.

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New Years Resolutions!

Have you ever stopped to think what the world would be like if we all acted more like our pets? Sure, there would be some VERY strange greetings (!!!), but let’s focus on the things that would truly make the world a better place.

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A “good” death (part 4/5)

The word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek phrase “good death” and I feel, as a veterinarian, that my duty and honor is to provide just that.

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Cozy Cat Hotel

Our cat boarding facility was designed and built with cats in mind. We are enthusiastic about cats having achieved “Cat Friendly Practice” Gold status through the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider boarding your cat at Adel Veterinary Clinic:

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When Do You Know it’s Time? (Part 3/5)

I have always been a “quality” over “quantity” person. I haven’t really explored the reason, but I suspect it has to do with how often I am around animals, observing how “in-the-moment” they are. I eye their mindfulness with intense jealousy as this is definitely a struggle for me (so many to-do lists going on at all times!)

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The Hard Reality (Part 2/5)

Wow- thank you SO much for the out-pouring of love, support and understanding! I am reminded of how these special bonds have touched so many and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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State of the Clinic

As I was finishing veterinary school in Ames, my husband was happily employed by Des Moines Public Schools and not the least bit excited about a move. Finding a veterinary position near Ames has always been a challenging task for just this reason. Many students find themselves with spouses working in the area and have job searches limited by geography. After searching and searching, I quite randomly landed in Adel where I had a great-aunt living. Finding Adel Veterinary Clinic to begin my veterinary career was the gift of a lifetime.

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In Honor of Holden (Part 1/5)

My dog is dying and I’m devastated to say goodbye.
As a veterinarian, I face death on a daily basis. I watch (and cry) as person after person weeps as they say final goodbyes, having often made the heroic choice to end the pain and suffering of his or her very best friend.

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Halloween can be scary for pets too. Follow these pet safety tips to make sure your pet is treated and not tricked this Halloween!

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