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Above and Beyond

I feel like if you know us very well, none of what I have to say will surprise you. But today, I want to say it again anyway. We have an AMAZING team. These people love animals. They love people. And they WORK SO HARD!What you may not know is that every member of our veterinary team is underpaid, overworked and at real risk for compassion fatigue. We face death, financial challenges and heartache daily… and this, of course, was before COVID 19.Without a doubt, these individuals have a calling to serve. They are skilled in a way that could be far more lucrative in a whole host of ways, but they choose to help your pets.The other piece I need to share is how AMAZING our clients are. I know we aren’t the cheapest vet clinic in the world. I struggle with this daily. It eats at my heart and gut that we must charge for our services when every member of our team would rather do it all for free.

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I miss you.

For those of you that don’t know already, I never even considered becoming a vet until I was almost out of college. I always thought I would be a human medical doctor. As a third year pre-med student I had a chance encounter with an injured German Shepherd and his owner and a light bulb went off in my head. I could work with people AND help animals! Since then, veterinary medicine has become my home. In it I can combine the challenge and rewards of being a scientist, a healer and a teacher. Add to that a small business owner, an active community member and (hopefully) a positive role model for my team members- I love it!

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"BEG" pet diets under suspicion: new FDA update

With the newly released FDA report regarding dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and boutique pet foods, we feel compelled to speak out publicly for the health and safety of our patients. In the last ten years, the pet food industry has shifted dramatically. One of the changes we have seen is a move toward popular “grain-free” diets or diets containing exotic proteins or other ingredients involving peas, potatoes, lentils and legumes for dogs. Multiple studies have shown that these diets are not nutritionally superior nor is there a correlation between allergies and grains. However, excellent marketing campaigns have understandably swayed pet owners.

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Saying goodbye to Bubba

I had a particularly difficult goodbye at the clinic last week. It was actually an ideal situation in many of the ways we would hope for; Bubba was old, Bubba was loved beyond measure and the Bubba’s health was rapidly declining.Regardless of all of that, getting the message that it was “time” grabbed me in the throat. My very young son taught me so poignantly about “throat pain” when he said his “throat hurt” when our cat died and I realize now that when the tears well up, it TRULY does hurt in my throat. What the heck!?

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Pet Food Whiplash!

At Adel Veterinary Clinic we have veterinarians and team members committed to staying up-to-date on the latest in all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine. We pride ourselves in having an open mind, doing our own research and using a broad scope of resources to make our opinions.One of the most common (and complicated) questions we answer is what food should we feed our pets. Nutrition is certainly a vast and complicated subject and not one that we spent a lot of time on in veterinary school. It has (rightly or wrongly) also been debated that large food companies are often behind the education we did receive.

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Celebrating our Veterinary Team!

This week we celebrated our clinic team. From our staff on the literal “front line” to our first rate kennel crew, we have an amazing team. You wouldn’t believe the questions that arise on the phone, the messes they clean up (or wear!), the long hours, the emotional toll and frankly, the level of responsibility that gets placed on each team member.

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One Year Later

It’s been a year since my family said goodbye to our dog Holden. I suppose it’s no surprise that we still struggle with strong pangs of grief. I still think of him EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the door when no one is home.

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My dog is vaccinated for Kennel Cough and now she’s coughing- what’s up!!!???

We are hearing this a lot at the clinic right now. We are seeing dogs that have been groomed, boarded, playing at dog parks or even some that practically haven’t left the house that are all coughing. Most complain of hacking and coughing, mostly at night, in a dog that is still eating, drinking, pooping and peeing normally.

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Watch Acupuncture Live!​

Our goal is to share more of what we do with you! Here is a quick peek at two of Dr. Holland's acupuncture patients!Thank you Wally and Molly (and families) for sharing!Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions from arthritis to urinary leakage! Find out more under the acupuncture tab!

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Is This Little Creature a Dog or a Shark!!???

DENTAL CASE: Meet Minnie! She was found to have retained deciduous teeth, meaning that she had both the adult and the baby teeth present. This is a relatively common occurrence for canine teeth in small breed dogs. Left in place, this abnormality leads to malocclusions (needing braces!!) and lots of tartar build up between the teeth that are practically overlapping.

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