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Adel Veterinary Clinic App- Just do it!

By Dr. Elizabeth Holland
UGH- I hate to admit it but I feel like a technology dinosaur.
I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 35,
I don’t really know what TikTok and SnapChat are,
and when my team became pretty convinced we need our own clinic App…
…I really put on the brakes.

BUT- thankfully, I have a team that pushes for innovation with great reasoning and persistence.

Having our own app has significantly reduced the phone traffic at the clinic which has been one of our biggest
challenges since the start of the pandemic.

In addition, clients are enjoying the ability to request medication refills, appointment times, see clinic
announcements and get real time updates on their pets when they are at the clinic.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like:

By far, my favorite way we use the app is as a way to keep clients updated when their pet is in the clinic for a surgery or procedure as I have to imagine it decreased the stress of being apart.

We try lots of new things in our clinic as a way to continually improve and we also do our best to check in and see if the changes are working. In the last few months we have been asking for feedback on our app and have received the following Adel Veterinary Clinic client comments.


So I would encourage you to download our Adel Veterinary Clinic App and give it a try! We know it’s not for everyone, but our goal is always to grow, improve and offer personalized care. If you prefer stopping by or calling in- feel free, but you might want to give this a try. It has truly impressed even me!

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